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New Patients

Welcome to New Hope Chiropractic!

We’re so happy you’re here and can’t wait to help your family experience the power of natural chiropractic care. We hope you find our practice to be calm and relaxing, designed with you and your children in mind.

Your First Visit

When you arrive to our friendly and welcoming practice, we’ll begin by collecting your new patient paperwork if you haven’t already emailed it to us via our online forms. Next, we’ll take you back for an initial consult with either Dr. Angela or Dr. Chris to learn more about what it is that’s brought you in. We’ll take a deep dive into your health history and goals. Before leaving, we’ll take an in-depth scan of your nervous system using the Insight Subluxation Station to help us pinpoint areas of imbalance.

This visit should take roughly 30 minutes to an hour depending on your unique needs.

Your Second Visit

At your second visit, our doctors will go over your report of findings with you and explain exactly how chiropractic care can address your issues. We’ll go over the best, custom plan for your needs. If you’re in agreement, we can begin care on this very same visit.

Do You Need To Go Forever?

We provide care to help our patients meet their health goals and we tailor all care to fit your individual needs. If your goal is to feel better for life, maintenance chiropractic care is most likely ideal for you. This doesn’t mean you need to come every day or even every week—we’ll work with you to develop the best plan to fit your needs.

Still Have Questions?

We know that each individual coming to our office has a unique set of needs and challenges.  Are there still questions you need answered?  Schedule a complimentary 15 minute  phone consultation with one of our doctors to get your questions answered.  You are important and getting your questions answered is important! Call today and ask for your complimentary phone consultation today!

Discover the Difference

We can’t wait to help you accomplish your goals in health. To get started, contact our practice today. We look forward to helping your entire family live better, healthier lives for the long run!


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