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ADHD & Sensory Workshops




We know you’ve been spending hours trying to figure out how to help your child sleep more, have fewer meltdowns, increase their focus, and stop crying so much. You wish your child could tell you what was really going on, why they are sad, uncomfortable and just don’t feel right. You may have even gotten a diagnosis for your child from the best specialists around who helped you put a name on the symptoms. Maybe the doctor told you that your child has ADD, ADHD, SPD, ODD, or is on the Autism Spectrum. What the doctor wasn’t able to tell you is how you can make things better for your child.

We have heard countless stories all with many of the same worries – crying and non-stop colic as a baby, projectile vomiting and gas pains, chronic ear infections and repeated antibiotics, behavior issues, sensory processing challenges, speech delays, motor challenges, and on and on.

Moms and Dads, we know you have the hope that your child can feel better and many people think you are crazy. We can’t wait to tell you… you aren’t crazy. Your child can feel better! In fact, we are going to share with you so many stories of parents who have experienced the change that you need in your family that your hope is going to grow!

You don’t have to worry if the doctors and teachers have told you things like “we don’t know what causes it yet” and “let’s just watch and wait.” We are going to show you causes you haven’t been able to find and the things other doctors won’t talk about and then we’re going to help you help your child.

3 Crucial Steps for Helping Your Child Thrive

  1. Discovering the Truth
    • This is your chance to learn the truth. ADHD, SPD, and Chronic Illness in children are topics that lead parents down a chaotic path to nowhere. We will talk about your child’s health in a way that no other doctor has to get to the root of what is causing their symptoms.
  2. Giving you the Tools
    • We want to give you tools you can implement today to start seeing changes in your child. Our team will guide you through the path of healing for your child. We will empower you to take back control of your child’s health and your family’s life.
  3. Start on the path to Results
    • Hear stories of children who have been where you are today and their amazing journey to healing and health. Connect with other Perfect Storm parents and realize that you are not alone in this fight. Others have been where you are and want to lift you up and support you.