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Chiropractor West Ashley, Dr. Chris Dixon

Meet Dr. Chris

As a college athlete, Dr. Chris always knew that he wanted to have a career that allowed him to continue and share his active and healthy lifestyle with those around him. While at Coastal Carolina University, Dr. Chris had the opportunity to become a Chiropractor’s Assistant, spending 5 months interning with a local practice.

The more he learned about the philosophy behind chiropractic care, the deeper the connection he felt with the career. This set him up for his next adventure—attending Chiropractic College at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was here that he met the love of his life and his life then took an unexpected turn for the better.  Dr. Chris knew he wanted to help the athletic populations with enhanced mobility, functionality and development. But, the more he learned the more he grew his passion for helping the younger generations improve their optimal health and live their best life possible.

“When you can experience the positive impacts of turning a young kiddo’s life potential back ON, you can then begin to understand that the possibilities that child has. Whether in growth, healing, emotional behaviors and learning.. they are great kids, and I want to help them express that every single day!”

Growing up around Charleston and Myrtle Beach, Dr. Chris is excited to be back in the area he loves while helping families live their best life. Dr. Chris knows how important it is for your family to stay healthy.

Connecting With Patients

As a chiropractor, Dr. Chris believes in the power of touch and uses it on a daily basis to heal patients of all walks of life. His ultimate goal for patients is to help bring them out of dis-ease and into a life they love. At New Hope Chiropractic, he loves seeing patients of all ages—from infants to seniors and everyone in between. Like Dr. Angela, Dr. Chris is also EPIC trained and has spent hundreds of hours learning about the best methods surrounding effective care and adjustments for pediatric patients.


Outside of the Practice

When Dr. Chris isn’t changing lives in the practice, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Dr. Angela and soaking in all that West Ashley has to offer—including bike rides, hiking and the beach.  Dr. Chris is also an avid bow hunter and loves any opportunity to spend time in nature.

Get to know more about Dr. Chris when you visit our practice. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals in health!


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