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Chiropractor West Ashley, Dr. Angela Dixon

Meet Dr. Angela

Chiropractor with a passion for Kids!

When Dr. Angela was in college, she initially set out to become a nurse as she enjoyed helping sick people get better. With a sister who was graduating Chiropractic College around that time, she began to learn more and more about this natural form of health care—so much so that her interest was piqued and she changed her major to Athletic Training!

After graduating, she decided to attend the renowned Life University in Atlanta where her chiropractic schooling began. Upon graduating, she opened New Hope Chiropractic with Dr. Chris and hopes to provide life-changing care to patients of all ages in the West Ashley community.

A Passion for Children

One of Dr. Angela’s greatest accomplishments are the many children she’s able to help live a better, healthier life naturally. She believes that it’s easier to help a child ensure proper health from the start than to “fix” broken adults down the road.

Dr. Angela has received hundreds of hours of training with the EPIC Chiropractic System, training specially designed with a focus on providing children with the best care. She will soon receive her Webster certification, allowing her to provide pregnant women with safe and effective chiropractic adjustments.


Outside of the Practice

When she isn’t helping patients at New Hope Chiropractic, Dr. Angela enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. Chris and their dog. The couple love living an active lifestyle and enjoy running, hiking and being outdoors.  Dr. Angela loves reading, ballroom dancing, and the ocean!  She and Dr. Chris are members of the local West Ashley Chamber of Commerce and regularly participate in Tough Mudders.

Get to know more about Dr. Angela when you visit us for your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you! divider

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