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Child and Mom adjustment

Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Whole Family Function Better

Did you know that your body was made with an amazing ability to heal itself- it just needs the best environment to do so. Instead of chasing symptoms, our doctors look to address the source of issues happening in your body, which are called conditions. Think of your central nervous system like a master control system for your body that works to coordinate function with every other system within you. To work properly, it needs to be disturbance-free. With a unique, neurological examination process, New Hope Chiropractic will identify any areas of stress in the nervous system to guide clinical decision-making.

Our goal is to balance the nervous system for every patient we see-no matter their age. We look at each member of your family as a whole person. Every system in your body must be working efficiently,
but most importantly, your brain and central nervous system.

Why Do Our Bodies Need Chiropractic Care?

The doctors at New Hope Chiropractic refer to the causes of nervous system stress as “the three T’s”- thoughts, traumas and toxins, or physical, chemical and emotional stressors. If you have accumulation of any of these forms of stress, they can alter your neurology and generate symptoms that are felt throughout your body. Every body shows its stress differently and therefore you have a unique set of symptoms, which is how your body tells you it needs support.

If you’re seeking a higher quality of life for you and your children, our doctors are ready to help you unlock your true health potential. With advanced testing that allows for the measurement of your nervous system function and areas of stress, we’ll then develop a custom plan for your specific needs through a series of chiropractic adjustments. We understand that each patient is different, and want you to know that to us, you’re much more than just a number. With two chiropractors on our team, we’ll use our combined knowledge and expertise to help you.


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