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New Hope Chiropractic Reviews

“I was desperate.

I was well into my third trimester with my 3rd baby. I had hip and back pain that just kept getting worse. I kept trying to brush it off saying it was just because I was in my 30s this time and my body was on its 3rd full term pregnancy. Then I found out the baby was breech and seemed to have no intentions of flipping into the correct position.

So at 34 weeks pregnant, I limped into New Hope Chiropractic desperate for relief from my pain and a way to flip my baby over so I could have my 2nd VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). That’s where I met Dr. Chris and eventually Dr. Angela (she was on maternity leave herself at the time). I never imagined I could feel BETTER in my last 5 weeks of pregnancy than I had for MONTHS before that and the baby flipped head down within a couple of weeks of getting regular adjustments! Bonus points: I had a really great, quick delivery too!

If you are looking for a chiropractor, their family-friendly office is a mama’s dream come true! My kids love coming along to play with Dr. Chris, and I often have to drag them out when it’s time to go.

– Brianne S.


“[She] started to become the little girl that we knew was there all along.”

I cannot express my gratitude for all that Dr. Angela and Dr. Chris have done for our family and, specifically, for my daughter Claire. Around the age of 3, we started noticing some behavioral changes in Claire. She was developmentally appropriate, but just seemed very tense and frustrated on a daily basis. Her threshold for frustration was very low and we were constantly dealing with tantrums. On top of the behavior that we were seeing at home, we continued to get reports from school that she was rough with other children and biting children. The biting could have been a result of her being happy, sad, frustrated, or any other big emotion. Regardless, her extreme sensitivity to the world around her was impairing her ability to interact. Claire was impulsive, sensitive, not sleeping well, chewing on her hair and her hands, and had tactile sensitivities. We began searching for help. We knew Claire was a loving, empathetic, nurturing child, but we had to find a way to decrease her stress and sensitivity.

We were told about New Hope Chiropractic by Bonnie Compton. Drs Angela and Chris sat with us and really listened to our concerns about Claire. We knew she didn’t need to be diagnosed with anything, but we knew she needed help. We started our journey with chiropractic care and saw a change in Claire after about a month of treatment. All of a sudden, Claire could verbalize her feelings, decreased the number of tantrums, was able to pull herself out of the tantrum by being more self-aware, and most importantly, started to become the little girl that we knew was there all along. She seems more aware of her surroundings and can now interact with her friends in a much better way. She is less tense and more adaptable. She is a loving, happy 4 year old and we cannot be more pleased with the support and love that we felt at New Hope.

We know our journey with Claire isn’t over. But we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and continue to support her wellness and happiness. Our family is forever grateful.

– Bryna R.


“I feel like I finally have MY child back.”

I’ve started to write this testimonial for Dr. Chris and Dr. Angela Dixon a number of times, and never know where to start. Our struggles with our 5 year old, Mason began when he was 2 and we realized that he wasn’t speaking. At all. After going through the appropriate channels, and finally getting his speech therapy services, we thought things would be getting better. We had ups and downs, and he began to make gains in speech therapy, but we were still having some trouble in school. Read more

It began with some sensory issues, trouble with transitions that continued through 3k and in 4k. We were getting sporadic communication from his teacher in 4k, and the things she was describing to us about his behavior didn’t seem like our child. He was insubordinate, violent, and angry. I was being called multiple times a week to pick him up from school early. As a teacher myself, I knew that something wasn’t right. He was finally diagnosed with autism in December, and we were hopeful that the school would be able to provide what he needed to be successful. We still struggled. He wouldn’t be able to start SpEd services for a few weeks, and, after observing for a week in his classroom, we realized that he was mimicking student behavior, that the teacher was struggling with how to deal with a student on the spectrum, and that the administration was adopting a very “hands off” approach. After being informed that my very high-functioning child (He was reading aloud and counting to 100 at the age of 4) would be placed in a self-contained SpEd classroom because of his behavior, I considered taking a leave of absence from my teaching job so that I could homeschool him. Finally, in January, a friend of mine suggested we go listen to this talk called “The Perfect Storm”. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a bunch of baloney, but we were at our wits end with Mason, and we knew he was really struggling. He wasn’t happy at school, and it carried over into our home life, making us miserable, too. When Dr. Angela began speaking, I immediately thought “She’s describing Mason and what he is going through! We might finally be getting some answers!” It was incredibly emotional for me, and at one point, I was openly bawling. I made Mason’s initial appointment that night, and the following week, our family went to the office for Mason’s initial scans and evaluation. It was daunting, at the beginning, thinking that we would be driving down to West Ashley three times a week, for something that we were crossing our fingers would work with Mason.
I truly believe that there was a higher power at work during this transitional time. We found Dr. Angela and Dr. Chris at a point in our lives where we felt like everyone had given up on our child. Also, shortly after Mason began chiropractic, we were able to transfer him to the 4K program at a different school, where he began to thrive. All of these things just seemed to fall into place, and Mason began to literally transform. Almost immediately, there were fewer and fewer meltdowns. We weren’t having screaming matches every day after school. He was just HAPPIER. I feel like I finally have MY child back. He’s sociable, smart, funny, loving, and kind. Those are not words that anyone would have used to describe him 5 months ago.
Now, as we are nearing the end of his initial care plan, which we began back in January, it seems bittersweet. Drs. Angela and Chris are the most caring people. Mason absolutely adores them, and enjoys his adjustments, as well as his “play time” with Dr. Chris afterwords! I know that what they have done for him isn’t some miracle cure that magically turned our son into the person I always knew that he was, but it’s hard not to credit them with being a large part of his “recovery”.
I don’t have the words to describe what they have done for our family, but if your child is struggling, and you feel as though there is NOTHING more you can do, please know that there is still hope, and that Dr. Angela and Dr. Chris truly care about making children healthier. We could not have made this journey without them.

– Lisa R.


“He is a happier kid now too! My son LOVES their office!”

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Angela and Dr. Chris. My son had constant ear infections, sinus problems, and just couldn’t recover after a meltdown. We started going 3x a week to work on his issues and over time I started seeing a huge progression. He started having fewer ear infections and when he did get a cold he recovered so much faster because his immunity was building. He is a happier kid now too! My son LOVES their office. He gets excited walking up to the door! Highly highly recommend!

– Lauren D.


“Chiropractic Care Changed Our Lives”

For years me and my husband have dealt with discomfort in our bodies that would lead to terrible moods and laziness. When the pain came about we would temporarily “treat” our bodies with things like ibuprofen and would only feel better for hours at a time. Drs. Chris and Angela Dixon led us to the greatness that is chiropractic care and it changed our lives. Our life before chiropractic care is not how they do healing at New Hope, and the side effects we experience is more energy, increased happiness and better health.

Our happy, easy-going, sleeping-through-the-night 5-month-old baby has greatly benefited too! We look forward to continuing an improved lifetime through chiropractic care and are excited to be on this journey with the Dixon’s at New Hope Chiropractic!

– Hunter S.


“One Of The Best Decisions I Have Made”

Shortly after my daughter was born she began to suffer from a range of medical issues such as asthma, recurrent ear infections, and eczema that took over her whole body. After consulting with Dr. Chris, I decided to seek chiropractic care for my family.

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As of today, my daughter no longer suffers with any of these issues! Chiropractic care has changed our lives.

Thank you to Dr. Chris and Dr. Angela for saving and optimizing the health of my family! For this, I am forever grateful.

– Lindsay D.



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