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A Special Message for our New Hope Mommas

Untitled design (6)As I sit here Pregnant with baby number three, I can’t help but overflow with gratitude for the journey of motherhood. Sure, there are days when we long for the simplicity of our “old lives” – the days of uninterrupted showers, peaceful drives, and unencumbered spontaneity. But when I reflect on the immense privilege and joy of raising children, those fleeting moments of nostalgia pale in comparison.

Becoming a mother has unveiled a depth of sacrifice and selflessness that I never fully comprehended until I held my little one in my arms. From the relentless nights of interrupted sleep to the endless cycle of laundry and cleaning, the demands of motherhood are ceaseless. And yet, amidst the chaos, there’s an intuitive knowing – a sixth sense that guides us to anticipate and meet our children’s needs with unwavering love and devotion. So, to all the moms out there – thank you. Thank you for embodying the epitome of selflessness and unconditional love. Thank you for the countless sacrifices you make each day, often without complaint, to nurture and support your children. Your love knows no bounds, and your resilience is awe-inspiring.

Baby_Adjustment_DividerAs Mother’s Day approaches, let us take a moment to honor and celebrate all women – from those who are already mothers to those who yearn for motherhood, from birth mothers to adoptive mothers, and from those who have heavenly angels to those who have lost their own mothers. Each of you is a hero in your own right, and your presence in this world enriches us all. Yet, amidst the celebration, let us not forget the importance of self-care for mothers.

As the heartbeat of the household, your well-being is paramount. Your nervous system serves as the core of your family’s stability, influencing the emotional climate of your home. Remember, just as mirror neurons reflect your emotions, your state of being directly impacts your children’s experiences. So, this Mother’s Day, let us prioritize self-care and prioritize our own well-being. Whether it’s scheduling that overdue appointment at New Hope Chiropractic or carving out moments of tranquility for ourselves, let us remember that nurturing ourselves is a vital component of nurturing our families. To all the incredible mothers out there – you are cherished, you are admired, and you are loved. Happy Mother’s Day! ?

Child and Mom adjustmentFor Mother’s Day, promise us that it’s your turn! To make it easy, we would love to gift you a free CLA INSiGHT scan so that you and our amazing team of doctors can see exactly what your nervous system needs!

We’ve all put our children first… But now, no more excuses! It’s finally your chance to get under care here at New Hope! So to all our mommas of existing patients: The next time you’re in the office with your kiddos, schedule your FREE May Mother’s Day scan! You pour into everyone else’s cup, so let us fill yours and make sure that your nervous system is fully resilient and adaptable to all things motherhood brings with it! ♥️


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